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Oil on Canvas 20" x 30" x 0.8"

The start of everything as we know it. Assuming of course that there was in fact a beginning. Some people believe in some kind of God who created everything. Some people believe everything started with The Big Bang.  If there was a Big Bang then one has to ask questions like what was there beforehand. And how can something come out of nothing? Some people like me believe in something else entirely. What you believe can have a dramatic impact on how you live your life. This painting is an exploration of what may have existed before the so called 'Big Bang'.


The Life of Things

Oil on Canvas 16" x 16" x 0.8"

Some people spend their lives disconnected from nature. They live their lives somehow separated from the universe instead of a part of it. It's hardly surprising given the constant bombardment from media sources such as TV, Radio, News and of course, The Internet, all telling us who we should be, how we ought to act, how we should be adorning ourselves and what we should buy. However, I feel sure the force of life touches our souls constantly hoping for us to let go of this nonsense. Unfortunately, many shrug off this connection as something foolish or insignificant. This painting is about letting go of one's inhibitions, fears or media induced behaviour and reconnecting with nature so as to becoming one with it and  to see into the life of things.

Dream Weavers

Oil on Canvas 16" x 12" x 0.8"

Dream weavers are mythical entities possessing the ability to weave strands of magic into powerful dreams.It's a curious thought but where do we go to when we sleep? This painting is an exploration into consciousness.

Carpe Diem

Oil on Canvas 20" x 30" x 0.8"

All too frequently we get caught up in the everyday business of living or just trying to survive that we often miss an opportunity to chase a dream, to take a chance, to risk and to dare. To take a chance for happiness or to be happier. This painting is about seizing the day when an opportunity arises and to follow the instinct of one's own heart. That opportunity happened for me when my father died (hence the graveyard) and I reassessed my life and changed course. Making that major change in my life was the best thing I ever did and now my life is complete. It's never too late to seize the day and start on a new road to greater fulfilment in life. To live it all and to live it now while you can.

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